Monday, February 11, 2008

Hisano Takei

If you look for unconventional pieces of jewelry you will fall in love with Hisano Takei products.
Hisano holds a degree at California State University of Long Beach, where she attended the art of Metals and Jewelry department, and a Masters from the State University of New York where she specialized in Metals at New Paltz.
Extremely huge necklaces in wool, so big that are barely fitting your neck, are some of the designer experiments. Hisano investigated felting, molding, starching, and other traditional and non-traditional ways of working with wool.
The designer says " I am attracted to the idea of jewelry taking different roles other than simply ornamentation. Ideas such as jewelry suggesting garment, jewelry taking over the body of the wearer, and jewelry breaking out of the traditional role of adornment are some ideas that enthrall me. The shift in scale and the use of nontraditional material in jewelry making allowed me to challenge these ideas. My work is predominantly made out of wool, and I explore forms and ideas of jewelry through texture, color, and overall composition. The softness and curves are inviting aspects of my forms; the sensuous properties of felted jewelry are uncommon and strike new challenges for the wearer and the viewer alike."
I recently found Hisano pieces visiting Crust Station and i immediately loved her neklaces.
I like the proportion and the contrast of the soft wool, wouldn't be great to see these pieces around the celebrieties decoltees instead of boring and too shinny expensive diamonds?

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