Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pascale De Visscher

I have just discovered these ceramic pieces from Belgium designer Pascale de Visscher.
Pascale was actually trained as graphic designer, but after years of experience in that field she decided to leave it and to dedicate herself entirely to the ceramic. The artist explores volumes and surfaces created by the pinching technique. This is an old technique which does not require any use of tools or to stand. The results are really amazing. Unfortunately I was not able to find Pascale website, but her work was showed at PULS gallery in Brussels.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Whomade Editions 2009

I am glad to update you a bit about the great work of the young brand Whomade. Driven by the energy and passion of italian designers Edoardo Perri and Dario Riva, Whomade Editions carries out an authentic vision of the object as meeting crossroad between cultures that dialogue and create together by giving a creative and original contribution to the craft sector for the conception and making of products with a high ethic and aesthetic value. Whomade signs 5 new collections in limited edition, presented in preview at the coming Macef 2009: Acqua Alta, Blister, Impronta, Cabarè and Equilibrista. The exclusive Whomade collections of products with a high added human value get even more precious by those special editions in which the prestige of noble materials and the attention for refined details blend with the care for artisanal processes and skillful techniques. Everyday objects, design complements proposing an unusual reading of forms and materials form the crafts’and manufacturing Italian tradition. By the collaboration with murano furnace SimoneCenedese the Acqua Alta and Equilibrista collections are born, as well as the milan wood workshop of Bevilacqua together with master silversmith Bonomi have realized the Cabarè line of trays. The Blister and Impronta series catch up the experience of Bazzigaluppi’s firm and draws liberally on the old warehouse of moulds, to give new life to aluminium blocks, though reaffirming their unique nature as matrixes. BLISTER / aluminium tray from milled block A series of trays from the recycling of old industrial moulds used for the production of food containers, realized from Bazzigaluppi’s firm from Vigevano.
ACQUA ALTA / Murano blown glass vase The venetian maritime theme is played by a series of glass vases that has been hand-blown by furnace SimoneCenedese in Murano island. IMPRONTA / vase from aluminium casted mould Aluminium moulds for the making of shoe soles become a series of original vases. In collaboration with mechanical workshop of Chiara Bazzigaluppi.
EQUILIBRISTA / vase in iron and Murano glass A collection of hand-brown glass vases, made by furnace SimoneCenedese from Murano, that rest upon a structure in metal rod on which iron bars hold poised.
CABARĂˆ / wooden tray and silver - steel cutlery A series of trays in different sizes whose bases in wood are hiding handles under the semblance of left aside cutlery. Made by carpenter Franco Bevilacqua and master silversmith Daniele Bonomi.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Anna James

A visit to Romeo and Juliet home in Verona inspired artist Anna James to create this set of bed side tables. Anna restors and transforms old pieces of furniture into a contemporary ones, giving to each piece her very special interpretation.

Tanya Ling

The water color lines in the illustrations of English artist Tanya Ling did inspire Marc Jacobs next Cruise Collection for LV. Tanya works with various fashion designers, and in 2002 she did launch a ready-to-wear collection as well.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Claire Loder

Inspiring works by Claire Loder, a UK based artist.
Claire says about her works: " 'My approach to working with ceramic materials is painterly, treating each form as a canvas. I produce standing heads and wall hung faces. Each is unique - hand built and hand painted."
I love them, so poetic and contemplative.
Claire has also blog, do not miss a visit for more inspiration.

maybe product

Surfing the net I came across to these incredible creative chairs from the Turkish design studio Maybe, Istanbul. They are from the "Reincarnation Collection", new life for the old suitcases.!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rob Ryan

Robert Ryan beautiful paper cuttings. Buy and see more of his work in here and here.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Carmina Campus

In Italy I discovered these beautiful hand made bags by Carmina Campus. This is an initiative from Ilaria Venturini Fendi, one of the women of the Fendi Bags Empire. Carmina Campus is a workshop that makes bags, accessories, furniture and designs, using textile left over and other materials as well. The bags have a tag with the material and production history, each bag becomes anew reinvented unique piece. Nice to see that the new Fendi designers generation are busy for improve a little the world around!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Dear All, I am finally back.
Holidays were short but full of inspiration and updates.
Italy is an incredible country, only if you live abroad, like me, you understand how rich is our culture, how creative and allow me, how stilish Italian people are!!
I promise to share with you lots of creative bits (Italian and non) for the 2009, so keep visiting.