Thursday, October 30, 2008

Simon Moore

I just discovered the beautiful ceramics designed by Simon Moore. He works from his studio in Devon where you can also attend courses in ceramics and glass.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Patrizia Iacino

After a super intense and busy Dutch Design Week, where not all the stuff was actually that nice, here some italian design with a new approach. Patrizia Iacino has developped a line of rings and necklaces made from recycled rubber bands which her friends collect from the vegetables, with a base in 925 sterling silver. Patrizia is selling these lines on Etsy or you can visit her web.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Design Academy Graduation Show 2008

The Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show 2008 shows the works of the BA and MA graduated students. There is a general "safe" feeling if you walk through the exhibitions, it is a bit like if these last year students had the necessity to stay still, to think more and to not show off. This is my personal choice between the many nice projects:
Maarten De Ceulaer - project Pile of Suitcases
Willem de Ridder - project GlamMore GlamMore details of the cabinet
Nathan Wierink - project What it is, it isn’t
Joris Weerdesteijn - project Meshmerize
Gwendolyn Huskens - project Medic Esthetic
Medic Esthetic
Danka Sórell van Veeren - project Square Skin
Anke Louwers - project Preservations
A beautiful project developped by the Identity department with Desso a Dutch company specialized in carpets.
Identity project with Desso
Lianne Kuijpers - project Covered in the nude
Covered in the nude: love handles, wrinkles, pores, and creases translated into polyurethane rubber, glass, and ceramic. An inspirational book shows the collection in the setting of an interior.
Mieke Cuppen - project Coccyx Every bag is related to a specific body part; the neck, hand, hip, or arm - and emphasizes its particular body shape. Moving, stretching, revealing their contents, the bags are stylish accessories. A crossbreed between bag, jewellery, and garment.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dutch Design Week/ Design Huis

The Design Huis, first Dutch Museum for Design, opened last friday the exhibition "Talent" curated by Li Edelkoort. Young designers talents are selected from all the best design universities. Open till November 30th. Here my selection, and I have to say there is really lots of talent around..... Jesse Pietila - Finland, project Sheer Wall
Maria Iljanko - Finland, project Pattern Bakery
Melody Deldjou Fard - NL, project Bodymerging
Hanna Hedman - Sweden, project Enough tears to cry for two
Euam Lind - Ireland, project Twist
Morten Engebretsen - Norwey, Flatmate - project "live large extra small"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pablo Reinoso

Incredible art installation of Pablo Reinoso, argentinian artist and designer based in Paris.
This Spaghetti Bench is for me a clear example of conceptual design.
Each wooden slat is hand-carved to create the sinuous curve, the human intervention of the manufacture once again triumphs over the straight lines of the traditional park bench.
See also the amazing Spaghetti Ballade here and Spaghetti Loop here

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hikaru Noguchi

With the autumn and the crisp morning air it is nice to protect yourself with a warm wool scarf. I saw the lovely collection of Hikaru Noguchi and I think you will love it too. She moved to England from Japan in 1989 to study constructed textiles, specialising in knit, having previously taken a degree in graphic design at Musashino Art University in her native Tokyo. Hikaru works with the finest english and italian wool.

Sophie Cook

Very special porcelain pieces, by Sophie Cook based in London.
Her bottles, pods and teardrops are amazing displayed alone or in a group.
I love their silhouettes, I just would like to have the all collection!!

Clare Henshaw

Beautiful pieces from Clare Henshaw, graduated at the Royal College with MA in Ceramics and Glass. The designer statement: "My pieces are free blown, vessel forms which are outside and inside cased with colour. Using 'graal' technique, I cut through layers of colour to reveal the inside colours. Patterns are generated which become integral with the form as the piece is blown into its final shape."

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Francesca Signori

Italian Francesca Signori is certainly someone who cannot stand still.
After having travelled the capitals of the world and having worked as stylist and products designer, Francesca and her friend Rosa Avinoni Locatelli are now launching a new brand: "Sweet Sofa". This is "a new brand of unusual vanity items, designed for ladies both ultra-fashion conscious and slightly retrò in their taste".
See for example this ceramic collection, which you can use for practical porpoise or for decorating your wall.
I love her attitude and beeing an extremely curious person myself I totally like the way she switchs from products to graphics and identity projects. Keep on eye on her!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Flavia della Pellegrina

Yes, if you are not Italian you may have some problems finding the right quantity of "spaghetti" to cook. Thanks to italian designer Flavia della Pellegrina you can easy measure the pasta quantity using Mario, 100% Stainless Steel.

Aranda & Lasch

{Photo Darrel Ronald / } The Architects Studio Aranda & Lasch worked with Artist Matthew Ritchie and Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, for creating The Morning Line installation for the last Biennale in Venice. This so called “anti-pavilion,” is an opening of space, a conversion of place into language. These young architects get inspired by mathematical patterns and molecular structures. Aranda & Lasch Quasi series is a result of long research they have been doing into quasicrystal geometries.
{Aranda & Lasch Quasi Cabinet} To me the results are really combined pieces of art and design. This could be the future of design.