Thursday, March 18, 2010

Barbara Munsel

So, you know those days, when you cannot find anything to wear? Well in those days I would like to have one of the pieces designed by Babara Munsel. You can buy her beautiful garmets in Antwerp, by Juliette Bogers.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Claire Basler

Dream away to beautiful enchanted forests and fields of flowers, you do not need to go far, it is possible just observing the work of french artist Claire Basler.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Viktor & Rolf with Studio Job stage decor

image courtesy of

Dear fashion addicted around the world,

the last Viktor & Rolf F/W show was again amazing. The Glamour Factory - this was the show title & collection theme - was the combination of the giant shoulders of the 90's and a theatrical performance. The designer were first stripping the models from the various layers and then re-dressing them.
The designers explained: "This time around, we want to show that something can be both wearable and extreme at the same time. It goes beyond a mere idea; it is literally ready for production."
Please notice the beautiful stage decor designed by my dear friends of Studio Job, Job Smeets en Nynke Tynagel, an incredible complicated print of industrial pieces.
This is a clear example of Dutch creativity at his best!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daniele Michetti

.......since we are talking about fashion I would like to show you this amazing designer.
Daniele Michetti did win the "Whos is next" italian award for the accessories designer category, and you can see why, these are incredibly beautiful HANDMADE shoes, like (if I may say so) only italian craft can make!

Moi Multiple - Anna Ceccon

On the new and re-designed website of Vogue Italia I read about a young italian fashion designer, Anna Ceccon. She is busy since 2008 with her brand Moi Multiple and she has just presented the last F/W collection during Milan Fashion Week, getting lots of positive reactions. In her web you can read  more about her vision: " It is a though over the contemporary society transition. The individual is more and more prismatic and with a multiple identity. The woman roles evolved and develop asking several aptitudes, competences and personalities. The brand wants to reflect the woman’s different personality thanks to a transitory stylistic identity, always changeable."
I like her approach, so I hope to see her clothes around soon.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Francesca Grilli

a still form the video Gordon 

Video artist Francesca Grilli mixes video techniques, photography and performance all in one. The results are particularly poetic videos about family relations and the space around us. In Gordon you find a special portrait of her relation with the grandfather, she says: "The aim of this work is to consider heritage, secret identification and distance in the human relationships. I ask my grand-father, Giordano Bruno, a man of eighty-seven years, to play (bocce)bowls with me, an activity that he plays every day. we play with new rules, keeping the winner and the colour of the play unknown , using many bowls and possibilities." See the video and more Francesca works on her website.