Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dutch Design Week

Dear Blog friends,
the Dutch Design Week did start, it is busy and inspiring, so check later this week for more reports.
For now I just tell you that the new Piet Hein Eek restaurant is lovely, he did set up an informal space in a old Philips factory, it is full of Piet's famous design products, chairs and these beautiful re-used lamps!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Kate Spade pop up store London

Kate Spade has recently opened a lovely pop up store in London.
I discovered this well known american bags designer years ago, and I did like immediately her love for bold colours, Kate's green en pink are vibrant colours. I did read one of her books "Style".
The book is not particularly deep, I mean Kate gives general advises for choosing outfits, but the illustration are lovely. In this pop up shop you can find all the Spade signature products, the bags and stationery.
Kate has also started a small fashion collection, which I find pretty and different form the collections available around, have a look at it!

Oloop Design

The OloopDesign , a group of Slovenian designers, has several interesting projects in their portfolio.

One I like particularly are these felted soap bars, they are handmade felted woolen soaps for the body which are intended for gentle massage and skeen peeling.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Holly Fulton

Fashion Designer Holly Fulton is the mind behind these beautiful Smythson stationary goods in leather.
I lover her illustrations, and colours combination.
The collection is going to be available in the coming weeks, so run..........