Sunday, June 29, 2008

Li Edelkoort leaves the Design Academy Eindhoven

Last Friday the Design Academy Eindhoven students, employees and tutors received an official letter from Li Edelkoort. In the letter the Chairwoman of the Academy located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands was informing of her decision to leave the Creative Direction position after ten years.
On the opening of the new Academic year, september 2nd, she will probably reveal the name of her successor.
The Design Academy Eindhoven has reached a strong image in the conceptual design field and in the design education world thanks to the vision of Li, trend watcher and former mentor and head of the Academy Identity department. For this Academy is clearly the "end of an era".
It will be very difficult to fill the chair of Li, a strong ambitious woman, who has brought this 60 years old institution to the pages of the world wide design press.
I am very curious to see who's next Creative Director!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ditte Hammerstrom

The young danish designer Ditte Hammerstrom likes to re-think the relations with the objects.
Her furniture products must make you feel confortable inside a space.
I think she has completely reached that goal, these pieces really invite you to sit and relax.

Heath Ceramics

If you live in Sausalito, California, you must go and visit Heath Ceramics. This is one of the last traditional potteries in the USA. I saw their collections and just loved the modern design combined with the carftsmanship.

New Shopping address in Milan

Marcona3 is a new space in Milan, Via Archimede 3. The owner did put together a great collection of young brands for clothes and accessories, also interesting the design part. The space, an old tipography, is now transformed into a showroom, gallery or photoshooting location.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Some great illustrations from Alessandro Gottardo, better known as SHOUT. You probably saw several of his works on the NYTimes, Le Monde, Guardian, The Economist, Penguin Books and many other worldwide newspapers. This award winner italian illustrator has a very special touch and style which make the graphics look like a piece of art to stare for long time.

Taizo Kuroda

These beautiful ceramicc are from the well known Taizo Kuroda, I am sorry to say I did not know this designer/artist before, yes I still have may things to learn about design!

Martino Gamper

I discovered the projects of Martino Gamper, Italian with Studio in London, only recently, thanks to Miami Design/Art Basel. This graduate from RCA is working since 2000, I love his approach and his way to not be repetitive or too commercial. See more of his products and installation here.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Something new

Beeing surrounded by creative people is definetely nice, but from time to time I get kind of exhausted too.
So it happens that I like to have this space where I can take notes and share my design findings, but also I would like to make it more personal and to show more creativity.
I guess it is my personal dilemma, and it is a problem of time too.
I am planning to work on it in the coming weeks so stay tuned!