Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dutch Design Week - textile notes

I had the pleasure to meet and work personally with this young and very talented french designer. She has developped the "Aesthetics of Domestic Sound" project, where she explore the potential of sounds as a criterion for design and subsequent effects it could have on the look, feel, texture and overall experience of an object. The outcome is a range of handfelted domestic appliences, audibly but also visually silenced.
Marije Kalshoven Young textile designer Marije Kalshoven has recently shown these funny and cute bags during the Lift Off exhibition. The bags are in wool and are waved in a new curious way.
Strawberries Fabrics
Strawberries International Fabrics presents fabrics from different parts of the world which feature original, traditional designs and embroidery techniques that have been adjusted to contemporary trends in fashion and interior decorating. The fabrics are made on location from either pure silk or cotton and are being produced under close supervision ensuring that the fabrics are both very exclusive and of the highest quality. All fabrics are hand made and produced on order. This allows for customised adjustments and changes.Strawberries International Fabrics adheres to fair trade principles and ensures that all producers are adults, receive fair wages and work under reasonable circumstances.
I think this is a very good example of Humanitarian Design.
Baby Bed
Kaori Ieyasu, Japanese young designer, has created this "new" version of a baby trolley, there is also a version in felt which gently roll as an arm chair for new born, too bad there is no picture of this yet on Kaory web. A really a nice product.
Sleeping Beauty
This graduation project by Nadine Sterk is a sort of living organism, by switching the lamp on the lamp will begin the knits process, pausing only when the light is off.
The lamp is going to animate part of the space.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Magie Hollingworth

Browsing the web I found this very interesting English artist-designer Margie Hollinworth. In her statement she explains that she uses recycle paper waste by pulping disregarded material and produce a range of contemporary vessels and sculptural forms for interior spaces, inspired by primitive artifacts, archaeology and nature. I find these objects very strong and with a sense of immortality.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Recently discovered

Virginia Johnson is the illustrators of Kate Spade's books.
Sujean Rim is behind the casual chic illustrations of the super famous Daily Candy, I like the irony and the vibrant colours of her drawings.
I really love her style.