Thursday, October 23, 2008

Design Academy Graduation Show 2008

The Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show 2008 shows the works of the BA and MA graduated students. There is a general "safe" feeling if you walk through the exhibitions, it is a bit like if these last year students had the necessity to stay still, to think more and to not show off. This is my personal choice between the many nice projects:
Maarten De Ceulaer - project Pile of Suitcases
Willem de Ridder - project GlamMore GlamMore details of the cabinet
Nathan Wierink - project What it is, it isn’t
Joris Weerdesteijn - project Meshmerize
Gwendolyn Huskens - project Medic Esthetic
Medic Esthetic
Danka Sórell van Veeren - project Square Skin
Anke Louwers - project Preservations
A beautiful project developped by the Identity department with Desso a Dutch company specialized in carpets.
Identity project with Desso
Lianne Kuijpers - project Covered in the nude
Covered in the nude: love handles, wrinkles, pores, and creases translated into polyurethane rubber, glass, and ceramic. An inspirational book shows the collection in the setting of an interior.
Mieke Cuppen - project Coccyx Every bag is related to a specific body part; the neck, hand, hip, or arm - and emphasizes its particular body shape. Moving, stretching, revealing their contents, the bags are stylish accessories. A crossbreed between bag, jewellery, and garment.

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