Friday, May 7, 2010

Yii - Milan 2010

lace plates by designers Ching Ting Hsu and Tsun Jew Lee

Another exhibition I am very sorry to have no seen in Milan, was the one of the Taiwan Craft Research Institute. A collection of their last products, a mix od taiwanese craftmanship and design, carefully curated by Dutch Designer Gijs Bakker, was presented last april, under the new brand name of Yii.

I am extremely intrigued by this Coocon chair by designer Rock Wang.
Wang weaves bamboo strips together by hand to form the organic underlying structure for his “Cocoon Plan” furniture. This intricate process takes about five days to complete. Then he hangs the chair in the air by running a line through the circular openings. These openings also serve as handles for moving the rather large chair around. Wang then allows silk worms to spin a natural cocoon around the form for five days, creating a stunning chair covered in silk. Beutiful!

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