Monday, May 3, 2010

Formafantasma - Milan 2010

I did use these grey days - yes it is again grey in here! - for browsing the net in search of the most interesting concepts of the last Milan Fuori Salone.

I was really glad to see how the italian designers duo Formafantasma is growing and showing really NICE work. Their products were presented at the Rossana Orlandi Space. Here you can watch the exhibition video and the designers interview. The designers explain the Autarchy title as follows : "AUTARCHY OUTLINES A HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO WHERE A COMMUNITY IS EMBRACING A SERENE AND SELF INFLICTED EMBARGO WHERE NATURE IS PERSONALLY CULTIVATED, HARVESTED AND PROCESSED, TO FEED AND MAKE TOOLS TO SERVE HUMAN NECESSITIES. “AUTARKY” PAYS HOMAGE TO THE UNCOMPLICATED, THE SIMPLE AND THE EVERYDAY."
I love the attention for the detail of these objects and the simplicity of the installation.


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