Friday, May 16, 2008


I would like to tell you about Artecnica.
Tahmineh Javanbakht and Enrico Bressan are the founders of this special company. Artecnica's mission is to elevate the purpose and value of everyday objects by using design to enchant, inspire and transform through the powerful tools of art and technology. Art represents the most personal expression of our design language, technology our unique application of materials, fabrication methods and techniques. The awareness of our global impact inspired a formalized program for Artecnica we call Design with Conscience. Artisan communities of developing countries handcraft objects designed by internationally recognized designers, often utilizing recycled products, both minimizing environmental impact and stimulating depressed economies. I love the tranSglass series, one of the Artecnica Design With Conscience project, they are made with recycled material and they have a very fluid design.

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