Saturday, January 19, 2008


Browsing the web I found this great product.
Piegato (Italian word for bend) is a design of the Germaan studio MRDO, Matthias Ries.
As he describes on his web Piegato is: "a sheet steel rack with a surprisingly high load capacity. The laser cut and powder coated sheet steel is been delivered almost completely plain, which results in a simple and cost effective transportation.The customer then bends out the required amount of shelves from the plain and mounts the hole rack with just two screws in a few minutes. Due to the enviromental friendly production, the freight size and the recyclability Piegato also holds a brilliant ecological balance."
Today we are moving fast and some of us may have already moved 10 appartments before their 30's, this concept brings fun and helps in re-decorate.

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