Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who's next in fashion?

I recently attended a very interesting lecture from the Curator of the Musee' de la Mode in Paris. Mrs.Gilbone guided us through the history of fashion from the very beginning and she tried to answer to the difficult question "Who's next in fashion?"
Thanks to her lecture I have learned that Maison Dior was the first fashion house to become a Brand, infact they licensed their name for parfums and lingerie products.
This was a total new concept for that time, and it was the very beginning of the Brands movements.
It the end it was clear that there is no "next" in fashion, the designers names and the fashion houses identity has become a powerful world where the clothes and accessories are just a small part of it. The Brands are a strong marketing results and they can almost sell everything just labeling one of the other products.
The customer will buy those products because he wants to belong to a certain world which the Brands represent.
So the Marketing strategy is the next in fashion.

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