Thursday, August 27, 2009

The September Issue

I am looking forward to see The September Issue , the R.J. Cutler documentary about Anna Wintour (Vogue USA Editor in Chief) and the making of the September issue, one of the most important of the year, in the fashion industry.

Here and here you can see some trailers, I personally like Anna, in spite of all what we read about her.
Working myself with some "famous" designers I know they can be rather arrogant and demanding.

However years of experience thought me that they must be inflexible in order to keep the work quality high.
I am waiting for this documentary in order to get more insider notes......cannot wait!!

Studio Gorm

Two Masters Alumni from the Design Academy Eindhoven are the designers behind the Studio Gorm.
John Arndt (USA) and Wonhee Jeehong (Korea) are thinking about products that will respect the enviroment. Their designs are clean and simple, beautifully made.
Take for example the shaker peg rail, the Korean wall hung table, the tinker toy and the lowly shop broom. A flexible furniture system made up of simple components, which can be assembled in a variety of ways to accommodate a multitude of scenarios.

Welcome Back!!

 foto via theartofmanliness

Dear Readers,

I hope you had a relaxing and creative summer.
I had great time travelling trough France and Italy, I got lots of inspiration, my "to do" list is now full of idea's and projects.
I feel like if I am ready for the new season, like if I am ready to go "back to school" again.
Moleskine is having some templates on line, their products are the best for taking notes. Dear Friends let's buy some new pencils and pockets, let’s have fun!