Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Break

Dear All, dear readers that I do not know, it is finally Summer in here, reason why it is time to take a break from this blog. I pack my stuff and I am leaving for an inspirational tour. I hope to get lots of energies, creative vibes and to discover new products, designers and interesting stuff. I hope to meet you here at the end of August for a full report. Till then enjoy your Summer Break!! Anna

Friday, July 25, 2008

Francesca Bonfrate

I am very happy to share with you the work of this Italian designer, Francesca Bonfrate. The chair called "Calla" as the flower, looks like the flower and it is comfortable as well, made in soft material. Designed for Martini's, an Italian furniture company, I hope we can buy it soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


That Scandinavian Design is going strong is not a surprise. The group Muuto ( Finish word for fresh prospective) selects young talent full Scandinavian designers and they live them free to design everyday products. The result is an incredible collections. One of my favourite is the OTO100 storage system in glass fiber, designed by Pil Bredahal. A storage for modern nomads.


If you need a bit of humor in your life you should definitely purchase this set of chocolate dishes from graphic designers duo Ich&Kar. They try to bring messages with humor. See also their Caviar version.......at Wall stickers.

Inga Sempe'

This new lamp is from the french designer Inga Sempe'. She was inspired by the Chinese paper lanterns, the lamp is made for Artecnica. I love the simplicity of this product, so you see, design can be minimal and beautiful!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Marie Retpen

Danish glass and ceramic designer Marie Retpen creates beautiful poetic shapes, which i could stare for hours.
This Hot Water Bowl is just what we need in this cold wet summer....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

White Bike Ceramics

White Bike Ceramics is the studio of Lauren Adams, Brooklyn NY. Beautiful and original pieces made by hand combining different techniques.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bolted - Maarten Kolk

Maarten Kolk is the author of Bolted a book that I just received on my desk and let me tell you I was VERY happy to have it. This young dutch designer (graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven) presented first his collection of incredible images about vegetables in Milan a couple of years ago. His work is based on his vegetable garden, where Maarten registered the plants growth. He took notes about what happened and doing so he makes us more interested in the beautiful results, reminding us that we know so little about the vegetables we buy in the supermarket. We just look for a perfect pakkage of salad, but the real product has a complete different beauty, colours and shapes. The book is a photo document and the work of Maarten has been even called "eco-art". I think his concept is a way to make us more aware of the importance of nature in our life.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Mario Minale and Kuniko Maeda (both Graduated in the IM Master dep. at the Design Academy Eindhoven) are the designers behind this Chroma Key furniture serie. I love this Long Stool, an object both conceptual and practical. You can see more products of this line at the ToolsGalerie in Paris till August 26th.

Yvonne Fehling

Here the beautiful "Stuhlhockerbank" (chair stool bench) concept of the young german designer Yvonne Fehling. The series of chairs is a sitting concept for urban spaces made in oak.
I find them really beautiful and I would love to find them in parks, stations or even bust stops.
They would make the waiting time much more poetic!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Gemma Comas

You may have seen on magazines the incredible work of Gemma Comas. I love how she uses the light and how she makes you to want more, more of those beautiful still life, more interiors or food shoots. I just thinks she can really translate a feeling or a product identiy into her photographs.


Via the Young Designers web I discovered these young Italian designers duo. Enrico Bosa and Isabella Lovero did graduate at the Politecnico in Milan. Since 2003 they are working togheter, their studio en&is did developpe these containers line for the Italian EME, a company specialized in kitchen cutlery. Once you stock up the containers you have a beautiful object in melammina. I just like the object in itself.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

RCA - graduation show 2008

The Little Woven Clutch Bag, designed by Nicolas Lissajoux, Wool, polypropylene
Macramé and Knitted Fabric, designed by Jessica Haigh, Wool, cotton
Untitled, designed by Joanne Ayre, Ceramics
Untitled, beautiful bag designed by Holly Cowan, Tailoring fabric, patent leather, acrylic, suede
Simple and poetic Mug 02 Prototype, designed by Isabel Costa Lucio, Plaster, epoxy resin, paint
Flex Chair, Pivot Stool, I-Boo Chair,designed by Tom Higgs, Fibreglass, polyurethane, bamboo
A serie of Mugs, Jugs and Sugar Bowls, designed by Jonathan Harrison, Ceramics